Strata Maintenance

As part of our commitment to you and your investment, our maintenance team request updated quotations on all regular services once a year. This ensures the complex is always getting the best service and value at current and competitive rates.

Should it be an ongoing service or a one-off maintenance issue, we request 2-3 quotations on all maintenance requests relating to the complex and forward for approval by the council. Whether it be cleaning, ground maintenance or servicing the lift, refreshing regular and ongoing contracts and services by obtaining new quotes each year, ensures that suppliers and contactors are kept honest, reliable and working in the best interest of the complex.

On commencement of a new management and after review of the records and regular services to the complex our maintenance team will go through the contracts, checking prices and if necessary request new quotations and report to the Council.

The management at A Class Strata Service are in regular contact with contractors. All regular service contracts e.g. caretaker, report to our office including photos weekly. This ensures the work required is being completed on time and at the highest standard. We strongly believe in preventative maintenance, with ongoing communications with suppliers and contractors we hope to stop unforeseen and expensive maintenance issues arising in the complex.

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