About Us

Our team have extensive Strata and Property industry experience, managing both residential and commercial properties. We receive regular industry specific training as well as customer service and conflict resolution training to ensure we remain at the top of our field, delivering unbeatable service.

Proudly WA Owned & Operated, A Class Strata Service specialises in small to medium scale residential schemes and new developments servicing both North & South of the River.

The team at A Class Strata Service are Strata Community Australia Accredited, or currently training for the certificate. This requires mandatory regular training & obligations to update information & skills and is your confirmation of nationally recognised strata management specialists.

A Class Strata Service provide a unique hands-on management approach. We provide, prompt, professional advice and offer our clients focused, driven and transparent management solutions.

Focussing our expertise on small to medium complexes allows the team at A Class Strata Service to support a segment of the market largely un-serviced by other industry professionals.

By recognising the increasingly complex demands and time restraints placed on Strata Company’s, Owners/Council Members we identified an opportunity for innovative approaches and systems to ensure the job gets done, giving owners peace of mind knowing their investment is in safe hands.

At A Class Strata Service, our aim is to make life easier for our Owners, by providing a solution based, efficient and exceptional Community Management Service that is much more than just maintenance and meetings.

With the increasing popularity of community living in WA, only efficient, well maintained and managed strata schemes will ensure your home and or investment remains an asset into the future and not a costly burden.

The friendly team at A Class Strata are working hard to change industry perceptions. Our teams foremost priority is to Owners, the Strata Company and your investment. With a positive approach, personalised service, total transparency and systems to enhance harmonious living in a strata community.

A Class Strata Service is the smart choice in Strata Management.

A Class Strata Service is part of a collaboration of five strata management companies whose purpose is to provide a customised management strategy for each type of strata scheme in Western Australia.

Specialising in small to medium scale residential schemes with a DIY option for 5 lot schemes and new developments.

Specialising in small to medium commercial and residential schemes and community title.

Specialising in medium to large scale high rise and mixed-use schemes and new development schemes.

Specialising in defect liability of new complexes, defining boundaries of strata plans with a focus on mediating all issues relating of strata.

Established in 1978 and considered one of the most experienced Strata Management Company’s in Perth, with a dedicated team and unparalleled communication.

Need an experienced strata management company to protect your property asset? Contact us for a complimentary proposal today.