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The perfect option for 2-5 lot schemes, giving you peace of mind knowing your investment is meeting its statutory requirements whilst not costing a fortune in strata management fees. A Class Strata Service recognises that smaller strata schemes, comprising of 5 lots or less are exempt from many of the statutory requirements of their larger counterparts, we are able to scale down our scope and strata management fees, without compromising quality of service. We are proud to provide smaller, efficiently managed strata schemes reduced costs, meaning you only pay for the services you require.

DIY Essentials Packages
from only $990*

Our DIY package is perfect for 2-5 lot schemes and includes:


Arrange AGM in our board room.

Prepare and distribute Agendas and Meeting Minutes.

Organise, attend & chair meetings.


Obtain quotes and renew insurance.

On-going support

Prompt and efficient support service.

*DIY Essentials Packages from $990 per annum for 2-5 lot schemes.

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