From a complete management service through to a simplified DIY Option for smaller schemes, we are able to tailor a management solution to meet the particular needs of your strata scheme.

If you have thought about changing your management, need to review your charges or feel your investment is not getting the attention it deserves, we can offer you a complimentary budget comparison report. We appreciate more than ever that every dollar counts and there are alternative options available, let our team pleasantly surprise you.

DIY – Essentials Package from $695*

This option is perfect for 2-5 lot schemes, giving proprietors peace of mind knowing their investment is meeting its statutory requirements whilst not costing a fortune in management fees to do so. By recognising that smaller schemes, comprising of 5 lots or less are exempt from many of the statutory requirements of their larger counterparts, we are able to scale down our scope of duties and fees, without compromising quality of service.

We are proud to provide smaller, efficiently managed schemes, reduced costs, meaning you only pay for the services you require.

Medium Complexes (including, small commercial and mixed use).

Although living in a strata community is a great way to share resources and access the property market, such a communal approach can inevitably present challenges. Some of the most common problems faced by owners include, disputes, miscommunication, enforcement of by-laws, maintenance issues and building defects. By understanding these issues and recognising that small to medium lot owner’s requirements differ from scheme to scheme, our team can tailor a management proposal with competitive fees below industry standards.

New Developments

Having the right foundations is critical to the success of any development – by partnering with A Class Strata for your next development, you can ensure a successful outcome and the long term delivery of your project.
Our team’s extensive industry knowledge, and experience working with many different Developers – we can help guide you from the initial set up of your project through to the ongoing management of the complex.
We can prepare all the documents necessary for the First AGM and guide you through the meeting procedure. Support in preparing a standard management statement, accurate budgets, insurance cover is all included in A Class Strata agreed services.

Once the initial set up period is complete, and the first Annual General Meeting held, we can assist you as much or as little as you require. Our continued guidance and support ensures your purchasers enjoy a smooth handover from the sale, developer to owner, to the commencement of the strata company.

We understand not all Owners are able to attend the AGM or meetings during office hours and offer on-site meetings at times that encourage all Owners to attend (at no extra charge). We also offer skype and conference call facilities for Owners who are unable to attend in person.

By recognising the specific needs of residents living in strata communities, we’ve become proficient at optimising the appeal and functionality of strata developments. A Class Strata can contribute genuine value and input from the concept stage through to handover & commencement of the strata company and ongoing management.

Strata Meetings

We encourage all owners to participate in the running of the Strata Company. The importance of working together with the Council and Owners to ensure the smooth running of your complex is imperative. Management of your scheme is a team effort between the Council and the Strata Manager.

We urge Owners to attend the Annual General Meetings of the Strata Scheme. This is your opportunity to have your say in the running of the scheme and your investment.

We understand not all Owners are able to attend the AGM or meetings during office hours and offer on-site meetings at times that encourage all Owners to attend. With the convenience of offices in Melville and Wangara with board room facilities also available for meetings at no extra charge We also offer skype and conference call facilities for Owners who are unable to attend in person.

Strata Maintenance

As part of our commitment to you and your investment, our maintenance team request updated quotations on all regular services once a year. This ensures the complex is always getting the best service & value at current and competitive rates.

Should it be an ongoing service or a one-off maintenance issue, we request 2-3 quotations on all maintenance requests relating to the complex and forward for approval by the council. Whether it be cleaning, ground maintenance or servicing the lift, refreshing regular and ongoing contracts & services by obtaining new quotes each year, ensures that suppliers & contactors are kept honest, reliable and working in the best interest of the complex.

On commencement of a new management and after review of the records and regular services to the complex our maintenance team will go through the contracts, checking prices and if necessary request new quotations and report to the Council.

A Class Strata’s management commitment includes regular contact with contractors. All regular service contracts e.g. caretaker, report to our office including photos weekly. This ensures the work required is being completed on time and at the highest standard. We strongly believe in preventative maintenance, with ongoing communications with suppliers and contractors we hope to stop unforeseen and expensive maintenance issues arising in the complex.

Strata Insurance

The Strata Company has a duty not only to insure the common property, but to make certain that the insurance policy they effect conforms to the minimum legislative requirements.

Prior to your insurance renewal being due, we request quotations from Insurance Companies. We receive 3 most appropriate and cost affective quotations and forward these to the Council and Owners for selection and approval. This also includes a small report and brief outline of the benefits and differences between the quotations making selecting the appropriate cover easy for the Council and Owners.

It is imperative that your scheme is insured for the correct value, includes policies appropriate to your scheme and at competitive rates.

Need an experienced strata management company to protect your property asset? Contact us for a complimentary proposal today.